The UW Quizbowl Team

Fall 2018 Practices: Mondays and Thursdays, 6-8 PM.
Thomson Hall, Room 325.

Welcome to the website for the Quizbowl Team at the University of Washington.

If you are interested in joining the team, swing by a practice or e-mail adviser Mike Bentley at No prior experience is necessary, and new members can join at any time.

Also join our Slack group with your e-mail address to stay up to date with club happenings:

What is Quizbowl?

Quizbowl is a team activity where students from different universities compete against each other on questions spanning a wide range of academic and pop culture disciplines. Questions are broken up into two general types: tossups and bonuses. On tossups, teams attempt to buzz in before the other team with the correct answer, demonstrating that they have superior knowledge of a subject because the clues go from hard to easy. When a team correctly answers a tossup, they are given a bonus where they can work together to answer questions on a related subject. The winner of the round is the team with the most points after 20 questions.

Quizbowl is somewhat similar to Knowledge Bowl and History Bee/Bowl. We'll go over the differences at practice.

It's a great way to reward your intellectual curiosity, learn new things, or to just have fun hanging out with interesting people.

Description of the Team

Quizbowl Team at UW is open to all students (including both undergrads and grad students) regardless of skill level or experience. We hold practices twice a week (although members are not required to attend all practices or stay the whole time), where we practice competing on questions against each other.

Quizbowl Tournaments

Quizbowl tournaments are held at universities all around the country. We play many of our tournaments against other universities over Skype, although we also travel to national tournaments in places like Palo Alto, Chicago and New York.


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